World’s 15 Most Frequently Stolen Dog Breeds


The issue of dog theft has become increasingly prevalent, targeting specific breeds that are highly valued for their unique characteristics, market demand, and resale value. Here, we explore the most stolen dog breeds globally, shedding light on why these particular canines are so coveted by thieves and the dark market driving this trend. This exploration into the most stolen dog breeds aims to raise awareness about the risks these animals face and the broader implications of pet theft on society. Understanding the reasons behind this trend is crucial for pet owners and communities to take proactive measures in protecting these beloved members of our families.


French Bulldog

The muscular Bulldog, with its lovable face, fluffy ears, and playful demeanor, has seen a surge in popularity recently, causing demand to outpace supply. This imbalance has sadly resulted in unsavory practices. But why are these dogs so appealing to thieves? The answer lies in basic economics. Purchased from breeders for $5,000, they can be sold on for $4,000.

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