Is it True That Cameras Add 10 Pounds? Unveiling Surprising Heights and Weights of Famous Celebrities That May Astonish Fans


Many stars are aware that being in front of the camera can make them appear heavier by about 10 pounds, giving the impression that they are larger than in reality. According to Gizmodo, this phenomenon can be attributed to the focal length of cameras, which tends to flatten features, creating the illusion of added weight. Additionally, it’s almost impossible to accurately gauge a celebrity’s height through the camera’s lens. While many of us believe we have an in-depth knowledge of our favorite celebrities, the truth is that judging their height or weight from images or videos can be quite misleading. Discover the real height and weight of beloved celebrities to see how accurate your guesses were.


Rebel Wilson – 5’4″ – Unknown

Rebel Wilson, known for her role in “Pitch Perfect,” has fulfilled her commitment to make 2020 her “Year of Health,” after announcing a weight loss of at least 60 pounds thanks to a regimen of healthy eating and exercise. In October 2021, the actress from Australia shared insights on her weight loss journey, encouraging women to lose weight for their own sake. Although Wilson’s current weight post-weight loss is not disclosed, she deserves commendation for meeting her objective and feeling empowered by the outcomes. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given her past admission of resorting to stress eating as a way to handle her issues.

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