Morning Meals: 15 Foods to Avoid for Breakfast


Breakfast holds the title of being the day’s most crucial meal. This familiar adage rings true for a good reason. It offers us the opportunity to refuel our bodies after a 10-hour fasting period during sleep.

Choosing wisely for our morning meal can elevate our energy, focus, and efficiency, preparing us to face the day with vigor!

On the flip side, poor breakfast selections might provide an immediate surge of energy but result in feeling drained and lethargic by midday. This might even lead us to continue making unhealthy dietary choices as the day progresses.

We present to you a list of the top 15 breakfast offenders you might be consuming daily. Prepare to be surprised by what’s on this list, especially the item at number 15!


1. Sugary, highly-refined cereals

It’s widely acknowledged that brightly packaged children’s cereals are best avoided because of their alarmingly high sugar levels. Even more deceptive, however, are the breakfast cereals marketed as “healthy” that still pack a hefty sugar punch.

Despite this, we’re actually fans of breakfast cereals. They offer a quick, simple, fulfilling, and nutritious option to kick-start the morning—provided they’re crafted from whole grains and free from added sugars.

Cereals like popular honey nut varieties, puffed rice, and sugar-coated flakes—whether from well-known brands or store brands—tend to be loaded with sugar.

The immediate concern is the short-lived energy boost from a sugar-rich breakfast, which, after being metabolized, leaves us hungry and more likely to grab another less-than-ideal snack.

To avoid this, always examine your cereal’s nutritional information to ensure it’s free of added sugars. Seek out options made with whole grains and abundant in fiber to keep you full until lunch. Go for shredded whole wheat, unsweetened corn flakes, and traditional oats over instant porridge varieties, which may include added sugary syrups for flavor.

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