Take The Stress Out Of Online College By Learning How It Works


In light of the recent pandemic, it’s inevitable for schools to set up Online college platforms to avoid person-to-person contact. While this scenario’s already stressful for the professors, first-time online students also feel puzzled as to how this new method will work.

Thus, it’s best to do a bit of research first. Continue reading below to deal with your expectations of how a typical online college class works.

What is an online class?

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Thanks to the internet, most college students nowadays have a better idea of how online colleges work. Despite knowing that online classes happen using a computer, first-timers don’t have a thorough idea of how this set-up works.

Typically, an online college class brings an in-classroom feel with the aid of learning platforms. Using these platforms, students have access to both live lectures and video recordings of their lessons. Professors then assign specific tasks for the students to complete at their own pace.

How do you learn lessons in an online class?

Here is how a typical day in an online college class goes about:

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  • Students log into the college’s learning management system (LMS), which serves as their portal in accessing lessons, contacts, as well as monitoring their academic progress.
  • Professors teach using the synchronous (attending live lectures through videoconferencing platforms) or asynchronous (aka self-paced; professors assign weekly coursework to students) method.
  • Should the students have clarifications, they can contact their professor through e-mail addresses, but within office hours.
  • Professors can also assign research papers for submission at a specified deadline.

How’re exams given in online college classes?

Professors schedule quizzes and even term exams in the same way on-ground universities do. But, online colleges can choose to:

  • Schedule proctored exams in a local testing facility, or
  • Use virtual monitoring methods (proctor watches the exam via webcam or uses software to prompt cheating)

If you still have more questions popping out of your minds, consult the online college’s management itself regarding your concerns. Despite the sudden shift, attending an online college class need not be stressful if you prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.