The Easiest Way to Achieve Results in Online College Education and life


During many years of my life, I was struggling to achieve my goals. I got easily frustrated when things didn’t happen the way I wanted.  I hope you can get some useful learnings from this article to avoid frustration :

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Stay present

Stop putting attention on past events in your life. We can’t change the past, and if we keep bringing the past to the present, we can’t focus on today’s activities.  Also, If you are worried about your future, you can’t concentrate on what matters today. If we are overthinking about the future or we are depressed because of past events, we block our present. We need to stay present to make things happen. The only thing that we can control and we can take action is in the present.

Don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

Don’t give relevance to other opinions about you, especially if they are negative. If you are sure about something if you feel in your heart that it is correct for you, ignore the opinion of friends, even family. If you want to enroll in an online college program or course, for example, someone else is not ok with your decision, do what you believe is the best for you. Don’t study or do things to please other people. Do what you feel happy about, follow your passion.

Use as much as possible the Magic Word.

This simple word changed my file: “Thank You.” Say Thank you for everything; to the good things that happen in your life and the wrong things, say thank you always even if you don’t feel. Next time you start worrying about an exam, about past results, about your future, stop whatever you are thinking about and repeat “Thank You”. Saying “Thank you,” you will delete the memories, you will feel peace, and if you are in harmony and with a blank mind, everything can happen. Saying thank you all the time will help you to stay positive. Being positive is critical to move your life in the right directing.
Just do it as a test for two weeks. For example, every day you wake up, say thank you, at least three times and as many times as possible. Write in little papers the word “thank you,” for example, paste it in your cellphone or in your computer. Keep repeating, thank you any time during the day that you find yourself with thoughts about the past, about a problem, or worried about the future. Replace those words with thank you. Don’t expect anything. Just keep your mind clean from negative thoughts. Things will start getting better. The “Thank You” word allows me to transform my life. I could accomplish my online digital marketing degree and I got the job I wanted. I keep saying thank you for everything as much as I can to stay present and positive.