Pouring half a liter of Coke in a toilet was so bizarre. You have to try this for yourself!


Are you looking for a fun yet exceptionally weird experiment? Well, take a look at this one. This is not the same old Coke you know and love. It is something you would see in a horror movie. This is a really interesting experiment. The article shows how a person pours half a liter of Coke into the toilet and tries to wash it down with water. It’s not just the toilet that’s weird, but also what happens after you’re done. Use caution, though! We don’t want to take time out of our day for a new “toilet plumber.”


There’s nothing as satisfying as watching someone else do something silly and create funny reactions, so here’s your chance. The results will have you scratching your head, wondering how they did it! Ahem… just kidding! The results are always predictable because no matter what you do with Coke in your toilet, not much of anything will happen. But sometimes, some pretty amazing things do happen. This is one of those times.