How To Communicate Well In An Online College Setting


Online college requires a student to be well-versed in written communication. Most of the communication channels are focused on this medium. With that information in mind, here is a guide for you if you’re looking to improve your communication skills for online college.

Forums or discussion boards

The first step to improving your academic communication skill is understanding how each medium works. The first communication channel that you should know is online forums. Forums categorize topics via threads. It’s a well-organized channel that students can go back to any time they want to.

A forum consists of many threads. If anyone makes a post on a thread, it has to be related to whatever topic that thread is about. This makes it easier for students to filter through topics that they want to discuss.

Electronic mail

Email is the most formal way of communicating with your classmates and instructors. When sending an email, always check who you are sending it too. Check if the email is directed to more than just one recipient.

Make sure you put an appropriate subject when crafting emails. Be straightforward when it comes to email since tone doesn’t translate well in any text-based channel. For casual conversations, a different tool is better.

Chat messages

Chatting is a way for people to converse in real-time. It’s also a more suitable place for casual discussions and jokes. Of course, keep jokes tasteful when chatting during online classes.

One drawback of chat is that messages can look unorganized. It’s a bit chaotic in messy since everyone might be typing simultaneously and replying to many different users. Instructors can mitigate this by only permitting students to respond to after a signal is given.

Internet etiquette

If there’s a code of conduct for personal interactions, there is also one for online communication. Politeness is mandatory for online conversations. Surprisingly a lot of internet users forget to be respectful, especially if they’re anonymous.

Be careful with your humor. Online colleges aren’t the place for you to showcase your collection of dark humor memes. Stay on topic, and always remember to avoid saying something that you wouldn’t be able to say to someone if they were in front of you.