Crazy and Memorable Moments in the European Championships


As one of the largest competitions in football, and having been held every four years since 1960, the European Championships has seen some genuinely amazing moments. The EURO 2020 had been previously postponed to 2020 because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, when it did finally happen this year, it was worth the wait! There were so many crazy and memorable moments in the European Championships and this article will look at some of the best.


Parachuting Protestor Nearly Crashes into Fans

A parachuting protester nearly collided with supporters at Allianz Arena ahead of France’s Euro 2020 match against Germany on Tuesday. The parachute swooped in and swung perilously close to supporters in the grandstand before landing on the pitch with the teams on the field prior to kickoff.

The person was an activist from the environmental organization Greenpeace, and their parachute read “Kick Out Oil.” They were taken away by stadium security and authorities after landing, and the game did not have to be rescheduled.

The Swiss Fan who Turned Into a Meme

Switzerland was down 3-1 after the 75th minute on Paul Pogba’s second-half goal during the first knockout rounds of Euro 2020. Faced with elimination, Switzerland was able to pull within one goal on Haris Seferovic’s second of the game at 81 minutes, then draw the game 3-3 just before the 90th minute to force extra time. The Swiss have made a stunning comeback in one of the best matches of the tournament thus far.

This one Swiss supporter, who was originally featured on the broadcast in the final minute of play in apparent anguish and despair at the team’s impending loss, has now grabbed the hearts of soccer fans everywhere. Then, following Switzerland’s tying goal, the camera swung back to the supporter, who was suddenly shirtless and screaming with joy. It’s a stunning display of sports’ duality, captured just minutes apart.